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Weddings In A Pandemic

Well, you are thinking about planning a wedding or you have had to reschedule your wedding because of Covid-19. As a videographer I have seen and filmed first hand twelve weddings since the quarantine here in Georgia was lifted, with as little as 20 people and up to 150 people. Personally I wear a mask at every wedding some weddings they do a temperature check, I even have a wedding coming up where they want to test guests on the spot for Covid-19 prior to the wedding. Personally my phone and email have been ringing off the hook so to speak with inquiries not only for early next year and beyond but I have gotten leads for couples with as short of notice as 2 weeks out. I believe some couples are fearful that something similar could happen again God forbid possibly a resurge of Covid-19 prompting another shut down/quarantine so for various precautions I believe couples aren't taking any chances they want to be husband and wife and don't want anything further to offset their marital bliss and rightfully so.

So if you are unsure just know that plenty of people have and are getting married everyone takes their own approach as to how, some people have outdoor weddings with optimal spacing while others have indoor weddings with smaller crowds. Of the twelve weddings I've done since quarantine I'm happy to report there has been no known cases of a Covid-19 outbreak.

I hope you find your way to do it and that your love for one another will conquer Covid-19. Check out my "Love In A Pandemic" IG series in can be found on my IG page www.instagram/weddingfilmpros. I hope that my post has inspired you to pursue your wedding plans of course with caution and proper protection and most importantly with Love which conquers all. All the best!


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