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Why you should have a Videographer for your Wedding

Well, congratulations you are getting married yayyyyyy! You are or have started to book your vendors. You book the venue, florist, DJ, photographer, caterer, officiant, possibly a band but somehow there's an omission of video and or it's just placed last on the list to be considered...I'm hurt lol.

Unfortunately both of my parents are no longer living although i get joy from looking at their pictures at times me being able to play a video and hear and see them is priceless! I recently did a wedding for a bride and as I always do I was detailed to capture family moments and capturing this bride with her grandmother i knew in my mind those moments especially are priceless. Unfortunately 6 months later the brides grandmother passed away unexpectedly and she reached out to me for any and all footage i had captured of her grandmother. I was elated that I had the footage to be able to give her that she could relive her most recent memories again with her grandmother.

Lets face it video drives the Internet, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo Youtube more than 500 million videos are watched on YouTube daily alone. Where as a picture is 1 frame of life standing still, a frozen moment in time, but video is motion picture with sound that is irreplaceable content that allows you to relive the moment in the closest way without traveling back in a time machine :-).

Far be it from me to say choose me or dont choose any other videographer lol so I say if not me, though i would love to have the pleasure to capture your day please dont miss the opportunity to capture priceless memories in motion and sound hire a videographer you won't regret it!

A picture may say a 1.000 words but video lets you hear them and see them PRICELESS!

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